A DIY backyard concert turns into one of the most exciting and intimate music events of the year. With some of the most celebrated bands coming out of Reykjavík right now, including Múm, FM Belfast, Hjaltalín and Sin Fang Bous.

Great review in the Danish press

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Politiken just reviewed the Backyard DVD and gave a 5 of 6. I believe the proper response is WOOHOOOO!!!

BACKYARD is out on DVD world wide!

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Backyard is finally out on DVD through Morr Music ( link) both in Europe and the U.S. and through Kimi Records (link) in Iceland. So zipp zapp your self to the nearest record / CD / Music store and get yer self a pice of happiness. The film is accompanied by it´s earthmoving soundtrack on a CD and has of course all the usual mega features too. Like English, French and japanese subtitles, extra features + a specially home and cozy recorded audio commentary by Árni and Árni + Uncle Siggi. Who? Well you’ll just have to find out, don’t ya!

Backyard at Docville, SIFF, Karlovy Vary and more

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Our little film is being selected for loads of festival these months. The film will be shown at Docville in Leuven (BE) in May, Karlovy Vary film festival (CZ), Seattle International Film Festival (USA) and more in the next few months.
The film will also be released on DVD/CD in July by Kimi Records (Iceland only) and by Morr Music in September 2011 (Rest of the World).
So if people want to see the film they will have plenty of changes in the next few months!

Backyard at CPH:DOX

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Backyard visited Copenhagen in November and was part of the great CPH:DOX film festival. It competed in the Sound & Vision category of the festival. To our suprise it got a prize, not the main prize though, and a special mention by the good people of Denmark. Now we can place this olive branch thingy on our website and cover of the DVD and such.

The great musical road movie Seperado got first prize and it really good and deserves all good. So we don’t feel that sorry about getting only this special mention thing.

BACKYARD ends on top

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Backyard at Nr. #1

The people of Audio Porn Central came to the Iceland Airwaves and had a blast, as you can see in our older posts. Now the have put together a list of Top 3´s; bestest this and bottom that of the festival.

To our surprise BACKYARD ends up in the top place of their list and our friends of FM BELFAST in the 3rd. Wuha!

APC TOP 3 of Iceland Airwaves´10

BACKYARD was only a part of the off venue program of Iceland Airwaves´10 but we are glad we did. So many people came and saw it over the period of the festival and we´ve had a lot of great responses from people from all over the world. Thank you all who came, and please keep on spreading the word. Next time will be in your town. backyard_poster70x100

BACKYARD gets a nice mention

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Some of the stars of BACKYARD meet and greet.

APC music blog went to the movies over the Iceland Airwaves weekend. He´s not only got some nice things to say, but also an interesting point of view, which is always more refreshing….. APC @ Iceland Airwaves – day three and four

BACKYARD is a friend of Iceland Airwaves 2010

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Backyard will have special Iceland Airwaves screenings during the the festival and some nice events too. Both a good deal on ticket prices for festival goers and a rare chance to see and meet the stars of the film, in the FLESH. The film is shown with English subtitles, like always, and in glorious stereo and millions of colours+.

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Due to some nice people like you, Backyard is to continue in the cinema Bíó Paradís at Hverfisgata for some time now. Still all shows have English subtitles, stereo sound and great people! Please come, you are very welcome!

Bíó Paradís

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“Best Backyard Ever” -The Reykjavík Grapevine

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